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Optimizing cloud resources in FinOps

The emerging role of optimizing cloud resources in FinOps

FinOps 🤔?

We all agree that in the cloud transformational journey, we have learnt the most hyped words DevOps, NoOps, etc.

And currently, the trendy word is FinOps. Now let’s have a look at what this FinOps is.

We all know there is a fusion of words like developers and operations. Similarly, there is a fusion of the words finance and operations.

So if we say we are talking about positioning Finance into IT, or we can say FinOps brings DevOps,  finance and business together.

In other words, you can relate FinOps with cloud financial management discipline and cultural practices as it enables businesses to get maximum value with the help of data-driven spending decisions.

Oops, I know it was too quick from my side to come to the conclusion part, but don’t you think this sounds strange to you? If yes, then take a step back and start from the beginning.

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