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Intelligent beings. Rogue Jean-Francois Champollion. Hearts of the stars ...

Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

- JJC Group Client

"If you want take your business online, want to list your products and want to take your organization up to next level using a platform that really works effectively- Orange’s Ecommerce Portal's got you covered. Orange’s Ecommerce Portal should be nominated for service of the year. I'm good to go. "

- Cera Ceramic Client

"We would be lost without Orange’s Canteen Management Mobile Application. Orange Technolab is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's wonderful. Orange’s Canteen Management Mobile Application did exactly what you said it does."

- Rushil Decore Client

"Points programs & Catalogue Mobile Application impressed me on multiple levels. I am so pleased with this product. Definitely worth the investment."

- Crompton Greeves Client

"Workforce Management Mobile Application is a quite intelligent application. It saved a lot of time of HR Department. We found it value for money product.

- VIVO Communications Client

"Ultimatix Payroll Mobile Application is a unique app. Has lots of next-gen features for HR’s and even for employees, so that they can be engaged and motivated through. I just love this app. It reduces the workload of my team and provided the return-on-investment within 20 days of implementation. I will recommend the HR community to use this application without any second thought.

- Wonder Cement Client

“Ultimatix HCM Suite” is one of the best solutions ever used so far. As an HR Manager it is my privilege to use a tool that is very user friendly, which comprises of advanced features like automated request approval with pre-configured approval workflow. I can say that this HR tool is superfast, super advanced as Thanos of Endgames with snap it processes 5000 employees the salary smoothly.
I will definitely recommend this HR Tool the HRs in the world.



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