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Orange: Redefining Software Development Creatively.

Wondering why we named ourselves after this citrusy, Vitamin-C filled fruit? Well, the main reason is that “Orange”, the color is associated with joy and creativity. And our services and expertise are synonymous to that.
An award-winning Software Development Company, committed to providing end-to-end IT services in Web, Mobile & Cloud development, UI/UX design, and development to Software deployment since inception.
Additionally, we are renowned as the global thought leaders in the IT industry.

Orange Technolab is an expert for two decades in bespoke Solution Development. The preferred destination for career-makers and tech industry pursuers, Orange is a growing team of people that are highly passionate about Software Development.

Our aim is to build a better world with a best-in-class solution, and an advanced technological ecosystem.

Development, Testing, and Implementation of the solution at Orange are defined, measured, optimized, and reviewed across all the stages of the development life-cycle, to ensure the adequacy of the software.
Our market-driven development and testing approach helps the clients’ to acquire budget-friendly solutions and ensures smoother and faster processing of applications. Moreover, we play a vital role in several initiatives in technology, applications, processes, customer deliveries and business development as well.

With a vision to be the world’s largest, most prominent and unbeatable Software Development Company, we are equipped with the precision-guided modules that are accurate, skilled and speed-driven.

Orange Technolab is one of the best choices of offshore Software Development companies in India. And, we are responsible for consolidating growth in markets across the globe with quality products and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Founder story

Through Founder’s Lens:

“I learned valuable lessons in life through my experiences.”
Ankur H Patel

Founder, Director and Chief Architect

Passionate about Information Technology, Automation, and tools to use for it, because mostly in my career, I was someone who had something to say, always. But, I struggled to say it out loud.
I realized much later how people were subpar, in terms of transformation, innovation, and automation in IT especially. This motivated me to make my first move to start my own venture, hence, Orange Technolab Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2015).

Early in my career to find myself, I was a Data Analyst, where my job role was to gather and interpret huge amounts of data & solve realistic problems. Those days were a game changer for me, as I grew empathetic towards HRs for the first time, and understood how difficult it was for HR managers to do all their daily work manually. Therefore, I decided to innovate & develop my own tech-driven solutions to assist the HRs around the globe, and save their time conveniently. Afterwards, I worked around this idea and to my amazement, the implications were significant. So, I made a stand-alone solution and my technology-driven solutions gave fortunate results. Additionally, it transformed the manual boring processes, doldrums of life into automation.

Fortunately, the software I programmed was a great success, and we improved it until it became an all-in-one corporate HRMS solution. It even expanded to other parts of the globe around in 32 countries.
After the successful inception, I thought to myself – the difference between basic stand-alone solutions and global roll-out of advanced versions that was distributed by Orange Technolab.
In today’s scenario, with the help of a one-stop solution providing platform, we have saved 55% of employees’ time involved in HR activities. With this solution, over 6,20,000 pay-slips are generated every month, in a quick glance.

- JJC Group Client

"If you want take your business online, want to list your products and want to take your organization up to next level using a platform that really works effectively- Orange’s Ecommerce Portal's got you covered. Orange’s Ecommerce Portal should be nominated for service of the year. I'm good to go. "

- Cera Ceramic Client

"We would be lost without Orange’s Canteen Management Mobile Application. Orange Technolab is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's wonderful. Orange’s Canteen Management Mobile Application did exactly what you said it does."

- Rushil Decore Client

"Points programs & Catalogue Mobile Application impressed me on multiple levels. I am so pleased with this product. Definitely worth the investment."

- Crompton Greeves Client

"Workforce Management Mobile Application is a quite intelligent application. It saved a lot of time of HR Department. We found it value for money product.

- VIVO Communications Client

"Ultimatix Payroll Mobile Application is a unique app. Has lots of next-gen features for HR’s and even for employees, so that they can be engaged and motivated through. I just love this app. It reduces the workload of my team and provided the return-on-investment within 20 days of implementation. I will recommend the HR community to use this application without any second thought.

- Wonder Cement Client

“Ultimatix HCM Suite” is one of the best solutions ever used so far. As an HR Manager it is my privilege to use a tool that is very user friendly, which comprises of advanced features like automated request approval with pre-configured approval workflow. I can say that this HR tool is superfast, super advanced as Thanos of Endgames with snap it processes 5000 employees the salary smoothly.
I will definitely recommend this HR Tool the HRs in the world.

Our Mission

“Orange Technolab brings visions into reality and offer a unique experience to organizations by providing them the Next-Gen automated bespoke solutions with utmost innovations and ingenuity.”

Our value & ethics
Our CSR Program

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